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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Very Brief Introduction; Or, Why This Blog Is Bound to Fail

There was another blog. Unieuph came into being in the last year of my undergrad, and survived two years of initially frequent, then gradually sporadic posts. It then lay dormant for two years; and with this new endeavour, I can officially box up the notes from that period in my life.

In preparation for this blog, though, I took it upon myself to peruse my earlier observations - and wow! what I learned:

1. I was far more prolific than I had remembered, most especially when I was at RNCM.

2. Although I find myself in a new time, and a new place, and a new career (looming), my core values remain rooted in the environment, equality, and encountering the world. Furthermore, as I reflect on the stagnant period, I don't see these ideals as being unchallenged; indeed, they have ran the gauntlet, and are stronger from it.

3. I wasn't nearly as bad a writer as I had feared. Or at least I am not put off by my earlier style. Of course, this could mean I am just as obtuse and vague as I was four years ago.

Reading the posts awakened me to the disparity between who I was then and who I now think I was. Seeing this Cody, I can forgive him for failing to become a musician. It was not (and is not) his only character. When the sun recedes, it doesn't darken the globe; it simply lightens a different patch of earth.

So why, then, will this blog fail? I could argue that I often escape the internet, seeking to rejoice in a world of touch, instantaneous sound, and a view larger than an 10" screen; or I could argue that it will eventually grow old, cumbersome, and too much of a bore to carry on, dreadful for both myself and you.

But the failures are dependent on the purpose. And why must blogs be timeless? To span their supposed potential? Libraries have book sales, and if our centres of knowledge can weed their gardens, why can't we?

No, this blog's purpose lies beyond duration and 'stats'. If it provokes questions, and conversations; if it encourages introspection and meditation; if it can, for one instant, capture the world and share it with someone, then it will be a success.

To Blaspheme: This is my blog, with which I am well pleased.

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